Freitag, 18. März 2016



MWR InfoSecurity are officially launching HackFu 2016 with our annual challenge. This competition is open to everyone and will test your problem solving ability and hacking prowess. As always, this year's set of challenges will require creative approaches and elegant solutions in the true hacker spirit.

The Challenge

As with past HackFu challenges, there is a unique interactive storyline for you to immerse yourself in this year. There are ten challenges in all, ranging from simple logic puzzles to complex, multi-part challenges. Each solution will give you a password which you can use to decrypt another part of the story and then submit along with a description of your solution to:

Your story begins here... In the days of your great grandparents, mankind destroyed its civilisation with nuclear weapons. Now you, the child of a drug addicted father and a mother you never knew, scavenge in the dangerous ruins of the old cities just to survive, hiding from hideous mutated beasts and cleverly disarming surprisingly resilient ancient security systems. On one such scavenging mission, you happen upon a dusty flash drive which piques your curiosity. Its contents are cryptic, but, more surprisingly, recent. And once you decipher its encrypted message, you realise that someone out there is testing you.You don your gas mask and head out into the wasteland on the trail of the next HackFu challenge...

Download the challenges here. When registering for the challenges please let us know a little bit about yourself as this will determine which prizes you will be eligible for. MWR is also always interested in hiring skilled problem solvers, so if you enjoy these challenges, consider attaching your CV to your entry. As you complete each challenge, you will unlock more parts of the story and rise in the Hackfu Challenges leaderboard, and come closer to the sweet spoils of victory. This year we have two categories of entrant, please specify which of these is most relevant to you.

General Entry Everyone entering is eligible for this category and there are some fabulous prizes on offer. Anyone assessed to have provided good solutions to the challenges could win one of the following prizes: "Walk-Up" HackFu Entrance – This will grant you entrance to HackFu and all of the food, accommodation and activities onsite at the venue but you will be responsible for travelling to and from the venue. "Remote Participation" at HackFu – This year we'll be providing some lucky people with the ability to participate remotely in some puzzles and challenges at HackFu. You'll work with the onsite teams to unlock information and will have access to updates from the live action storyline. Note that all other Terms and Conditions apply to these prizes.

South African Students

If you are a student currently studying in South Africa then there is a category just for you. See the prizes page for more details about prizes offered for this category. You will also have the opportunity to win both "walk-up" and "remote participation" HackFu prizes as detailed above.

Competition Rules In order to be eligible for the prizes, you will need to: Download the challenge files. Register for the competition by email including your name, handle for the leaderboard, country of residence and a bit about yourself (Registration instructions are included in the challenge). Indicate whether you meet the criteria for the South African Student category (note that you will need to provide a valid student ID). Submit your correct solutions to the challenges before the 9th of May 2016 (Instructions on how to submit are included in the challenge). Be 18 years old or over on the 9th of May 2016.